Northern Ireland, UK


EIAC 2020


You are cordially invited to

Northern Ireland

Where the warmest of Welcomes

Awaits you

EIAC 2020


You are cordially invited toNorthern Ireland

Where the warmest of Welcomes Awaits you

                         COVID-19 Update                                

We are keeping up to date with Government advice and guidelines. In the event that EIAC 2020 must be cancelled we will immediately post a notice here and on Social Media. 

We ask everyone to be sensible, if anyone is showing symptoms of the virus please do not attend. Help us to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

We advise all those travelling to Northern Ireland for this event to follow the guidelines issued by their Public Health Authorities. We also strongly recommend that you follow the advice issued by the public health authority in Northern Ireland which can be found here. This information should be checked before you travel and during your stay here.

We will continue to closely monitor the evolving situation, taking advice from the relevant agencies and we will update information as appropriate.

                                                             IFAA President's Statement

Dear Delegates of the IFAA-Europe,


EIAC 2020 : Covid-19 virus

Over the last few days I have been inundated with information about the Covid-19 virus as well as several emails from IFAA member nations within the European Region.

I have followed the news about the virus on 6 different national news stations over the last 8 weeks or so.

Some nations are under full close down, while others follow a policy that I can define by little else as being inconsistent. 

The IFAA policy, based on tournament rules, is safety first for our archers.

But the decision of safety and to close a tournament is based not only on the rules and regulations in the IFAA By-laws, but also on the input by the organisers and the rules laid down and decisions made by the local government. For that reason the WFAC 2016  in Australia was reduced to two days, because of inclement weather conditions and the SAFAC 2019 in Chile was cancelled because of public unrest in that country. 

We have been in contact with the organisers of the EIAC 2020, the NIFAA, and have asked for a formal statement by their government concerning the Coivid-19 virus and what safety precautions should be taken.

I must state clearly that the NIFAA represents Northern Ireland and NOT Ireland. Northern Ireland follows the rules and regulations of the UK, while the country of Ireland has their own regulations.

The UK has at this stage not put limitations in place for travel (no close-down) and sports gatherings with less that 500 people attending are permitted. 

THEREFORE: Until such a change in decision is made by the UK government, making the EIAC 2020 illegal, this tournament will proceed and it will only be cancelled (please note that it will be a cancellation and not a postponement of the tournament and will not be held later in the year) when so informed by the organisers of the tournament. 

The EIAC 2020 therefore proceeds and we leave the decision to travel and attend the tournament to each individual archer.

Those archers who will attend the tournament must however keep under consideration that current decisions by the UK government can change at short notice and the IFAA and the organisers cannot accept responsibility for such changes. 


Loet Smit

IFAA President

              Reproduced with the knowledge and kind permission of Mr. Loet Smit, IFAA President

Registration is now closed.

Please note that no further changes to Bow Styles will be accepted

IFAA rules on eligibility to participate will apply:

If an archer wishes to attend an IFAA sanctioned indoor tournament that archer must have at least two tournament scores from an indoor tournament recorded on their Score Record/Classification Card.
Exec Note: Qualifying indoor tournaments to be the Standard, Flint Indoor and World Indoor Mail Match round.


Some Information

The European Indoor Archery Championships 2020 will be hosted here in Northern Ireland in the city of Lisburn at The Eikon Centre. There are plenty of options for accommodation and travel is easy from all of  the main sea and air ports. There will be food and drink available on site and bottled water will be provided for all competitors. We look forward to welcoming you all in 2020.